Chamara Madhushan

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Present - Undergraduate student of B.Sc. Electrical and Information Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna
School - Kegalu Vidyalaya (2002-2015)


XbotiX 2019  -  Ruhuna Robotic Challenge  -  4th place
Eminace 1.0  -  IEEE Student Branch  -  Winner
Sheid of Code  -  IEEE Student Branch  -  Participation
SLRC 2018  -  Sri Lanka Robotic Challenge  -  Participation
XbotiX 2018  -  Ruhuna Robotic Challenge  -  Participation
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Airport & Aviation Sri Lanka (January,28 2019 – April,20 2019)

I was assigned to Electronic & Air Navigational Engineering Division as a trainee engineer and covered areas such as RADAR system, Navigational system, Communication, and Security system.


PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Python, Image Processing (OpenCV)
Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Robotics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
C, C++
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COVID 19 Coronavirus Sri Lanka Dashboard

This is a simple dashboard for monitering real-time global and sri lanka update.

Lectures Time Scheduling System (LTSS)

Lectures Time Scheduling System (LTSS) for Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax.

Scoreboard for Badminton SLUG 2019

Wireless Live Scoreboard for Badminton SLUG 2019 University of Ruhuna using PHP.

Fingerprint Attendance System Raspberry Pi

Fingerprint based Biometric student attendance system using Raspberry Pi.

Face Detection and Recognize System

using Python 3.6 with OpenCV.


Line Maze Solving Robot using Left-hand rule.

Smart Agro

pH measuring system for plantation water using Arduino with remote monitoring on Mobile and Web Application.

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